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Company profile

The idea of Jagro Acoustic Solutions e.K. was formulated in 1994. Entrepreneur Janusch Grochola, who brought along his extensive knowledge and experience in the production of high quality loudspeakers, founded a manufacturing company in Mannheim; Germany.

Initially, the company´s emphasis was the production of loudspeakers for ELA sound systems.

In 2003, Janusch Grochola expanded from being a pure manufacturing company by establishing a Sales and Marketing office based in Mannheim. With this change in direction, Janusch wanted to ensure that customers received all services from a single source, enabling the monitoring of quality from manufacturing to distribution.

This resulted in establishment of the company “Jagro Acoustic Solutions e.K.” in 2004.

The company´s founder distinguishes himself by his vast experience as a manufacturer and supplier to wholesalers. The company´s business existing relations include customers in Germany, as well as other parts of Western and Eastern Europe and United Arab Emirates.

In February 2009, Janusch Grochola handed over the management and daily operations to his son Lukas Grochola. Lukas Grochola, an electrical energy engineer, has had many years of tenure in his father´s company.

Despite this change in management, business will remain professional as in previous years.

Our customers can choose from a unique variety of market-specific standard products and custom-made products tailor-made to fit individual customer requirements.

Customers’ further benefit from our internal powder spray coating facility as well as our integrated metal and wood shop.

Jagro Acoustic Solutions e.K. takes great pride in its history of producing exceptional equipment and continues to strive towards producing and maintaining the highest standards in sound systems.